The Coronalogues

5 stories from one Edinburgh street during lockdown…

An elderly man forced out of his self isolation, a woman tries to leave her lover, a father-to-be waits for his first born child, a drug mule caught in a trap and an NHS worker tries to get home…

5 people, 5 stories, 1 ending.

A brand new audio series written by Keir McAllister.

Cast: JoJo Sutherland, Paul Sneddon, Megan Shandley, Cal MacAninch, Rosco McClelland and Shauna MacDonald. 

Original Music Composed and performed by Dave Be Mac.

Have a listen and if you have enjoyed these recordings we ask you to please consider making a donation. All donations will be distributed evenly between contributors with a donation being made to Gilded Balloon to help ensure creativity continues after Covid19.

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Listen to The Coronologues Episodes here:

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