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Gilded Balloon is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all. We want to do everything we can to make the Fringe a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

We aim to provide you with all necessary information with regards to access in and around our venues. If you need any further information please contact us using the details below.

General Access Information

Special Effects: Some of our shows include the use of strobe lighting and/or haze. This is listed on the individual show page

Wheelchair Access: 

We have between 2-6 wheelchair spaces at all but one of our sub - venues (Billiard Room Teviot is the only sub venue that does not have wheelchair access)

You can book a wheelchair space booking by contacting Box Office

You can also request a wheelchair space on Gilded Balloon website on the check out screen, however this is subject to availability.

If you are looking to book multiple wheelchair spaces throughout many different venues across the Fringe festival you can also contact EdFringe. You can find out more at

Companion Ticket: If you need a support person to attend events they are entitled to a free companion or personal assistance ticket. To book contact our Box Office.

Assistance Dogs: Gilded Balloon welcomes Assistance Dogs in all of our venues. Please ask a member of staff on arrival if you require any assistance. To let us know you are bringing an Assistant dog please contact our Box Office.

Customers with Medical Requirements: We have trained First Aiders in each of our venues. If you need to bring food, drink or medication with you, we are happy to accommodate this. Please contact a member of staff if you need assistance.

Early Access: We endeavour to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the Fringe in a comfortable and secure environment. If you require extra time or would like to request a specific seat please contact the box office team before the performance. On the day please speak to a member of staff, and our team will do their best to accommodate your request.

Edinburgh during the Fringe: The roads and streets of Edinburgh become extremely congested during Fringe. We suggest that all patrons bear this in mind and leave extra time to travel to our venues.

Euan’s Guide: To see reviews of our venues and to add your own reviews we recommend Euan’s Guide: We welcome your feedback and regularly check reviews on Euan’s Guide to hopefully improve.

Venue Access Information

Gilded Balloon Teviot - Teviot Accessibility Guide

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose - Patter Hoose Accessibility Guide

Gilded Balloon at the Museum - Museum Accessibility Guide

If you would like to receive any of these documents in a Large Print or Easy Read format or have any questions please contact us using the details below.

Enhanced Performances

British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation: 

A signed performance is a show that incorporates sign language that benefits those who use sign language. Trained BSL interpreters will generally will stand at the side of the stage, ensuring that the entire audience can fully engage with the artistic experience. 

BSL Performances 2023:

A Mountain for Elodie15th of August
Almost Adult15th of August
Amos Gill: The Pursuit of Happy(ish)7th of August
Let the Bodies Pile by Henry Naylor24th of August


Relaxed performances are shows designed to be more inclusive for individuals with disabilities or sensory sensitivities or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. They offer a relaxed atmosphere, sensory adjustments,  to provide a comfortable experience for all.

Relaxed Performances 2023:

Meat Cute15th of August, 16th of August
MEMBER7th of August
SPIN15th August
The Collie's Shed9th of August, 16th of August
Wild Onion8th of August, 15th of August, 22nd of August


During a Captioned Performance the actors’ words appear as visible text on screens at the same time as they are spoken, as well as sound effects and off-stage noises. These can be beneficial for D/deaf or hard of hearing people, people with learning disabilities or also those for whom English is not their first language.

Captioned Performances 2023:

Walking Home18th of August
The Beatles were a Boyband22nd of August , 23rd of August
SPIN25th of August

Contact Us
Box Office:  0131 622 6552 or email

General email: – a member of our team will get back to you within 3 working days. Feedback is always welcome.
Phone: Gilded Balloon Box Office 0131 622 6552

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