Gilded Balloon is committed to social responsibility and sustainability. We are dedicated to sustainable practices and are constantly working to reduce the environmental impact of our year-round and Edinburgh Festival Fringe activities.


Visiting, performing or working at the Fringe? Although our favourite colour is pink, we go green whenever we can. Check out our tips for a greener festival:


Avoid plastic bottles – refill your reusable water bottle at any of our bars!


Why not walk, cycle or take the train or bus to Edinburgh and our venues. Use the following tools to help you navigate the best environmentally friendly travel options:


  • #Takeaphoto of a flyer – why not take a picture of a flyer or poster instead. For more info on Staging Change’s #Takeaphoto campaign at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe visit
  • Recycle – our artists spend hours making their flyers – if you must throw them away make sure you put them in one of our clearly marked recycling bins.


For more ideas on how to have a #SustainableFringe head to or browse Creative Carbon Scotland’s resources section.


We are delighted to support the following charities who collect in our venues during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity support and complement the work of Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children (The Sick Kids) as well as other children’s healthcare settings across Scotland. 
Health in Mind is a charity promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in Scotland