Gilded Balloon is committed to social and environmental sustainability.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to identify our organisation’s social and environmental impacts and to minimise adverse effects of our actions on the environment. This includes ensuring compliance with current environmental legislation, incorporating sustainability into our business strategy, and continually striving to be a greener organisation overall. We will extend this commitment throughout our supply chain by encouraging suppliers, customers, and partners to commit to sustainable and socially responsible practices. 

We endeavour to deliver our year-round activities and Festival Fringe events with the least amount of environmental impact as possible. 

To accomplish this, we commit to the following:

Travel: encourage staff, visiting companies and audiences to use sustainable travel which results in a reduction of carbon emissions. We will provide information and links on our website about environmentally friendly travel options.

Resource and Waste Management: minimise and manage waste through reduction, reuse, repair and recycling in our office, year-round events and Festival Fringe sites. We work with Changeworks Recycling in our head office to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. 

Knowledge: incorporate social responsibility and sustainability information in our staff training documentation and inductions. 

Programming: produce and programme projects that allow maximum enjoyment at minimum cost to the environment. For example, programming shows with content and practices that encourage positive environmental impact.

Energy: use energy and natural resources efficiently to minimise greenhouse gas emissions such as turning off equipment when it is not in use and overnight and ensuring heating and cooling systems are working effectively and efficiently.

Procurement: ensure that the goods and services we purchase support our environmental objectives wherever practicable. For example, using LED lighting where possible.

Green Arts Initiative: continue our membership of the Green Arts Initiative run by Creative Carbon Scotland and Festivals Edinburgh to stay connected with industry standards on sustainability.

Charities: support local charities to raise awareness and money through collections at our venues and online space.

Review: review and update this Sustainability Policy annually so we can continue to adapt to updated legislation and learnings about sustainability.
Any questions regarding the contents of this policy should be directed to Flick Gourley, Fringe Project Producer –

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