Gilded Balloon Basement

Rootsbase: Amy Duncan & Lyle Watt

A new live music club - dedicated to presenting the very best in folk, trad and roots-based!


Amy Duncan writes emotive songs, combining intimate lyrics with acoustic guitar-loops and instrumental textures. Her signature, pure, honest vocals making for powerful connections through her recordings and live performances. Amy is now performing new material, to be recorded and released in 2019.

Obsessed with music from a very early age, Lyle got his first guitar when he was 3, and has played ever since.  A versatile musician, he has since gone on to work as a session player for various projects, including recording and touring with the folk outfit Blue Rose Code, as well as doing demos and clinics for various companies including Seymour Duncan pickups. He has recently recorded his solo acoustic EP “Third Time Lucky”, and is focusing his efforts on his solo material throughout 2019.