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Edinburgh Fringe 2021 – Information pack below. 

ED FRINGE 2021 – Potential Performers Information Pack 

Still got a couple of questions after reading the FAQS below? Feel free to give us an email on or call us on 0131 622 6555.

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When do applications for Fringe 2021 open and close?
Show applications will open in November. We review applications on a rolling basis up until the last Fringe Society registration deadline (TBC) however we do sometimes accept applications after this time if we still have gaps to fill. So the sooner you apply the better.

When will I hear back about my application?
We receive a huge volume of applications every year and it can take us a while to get through them so please be patient with us! We do try to contact every one that’s applied.

Do you do room rental agreements?
No, all our shows are programmed by our Artist Directors to offer a mix of the best of the best across the Fringe. All shows work off a percentage split of the box office, we do not rent rooms. Please see the Potential Performer Pack for more information.

How long should my show be?
Most shows at the fringe run for between 50 and 75 minutes. Obviously we do not disregard the epic project but the audience expectations are for short shows as a lot of people will be seeing many shows in a day.

Does it matter how long my run is?
Most shows chosen are available to play the full length of the Fringe. We do occasionally programme shows that have a limited run if it fits into a gap in the programme, but you should be aware that doing a part-run (especially opening a show midway through the festival) can make it difficult to build momentum and for word of mouth to spread.

What can I put on my application that will make it more likely to be programmed?
We’re open to absolutely anything and everything! Providing as much detail as possible in your application (links to any videos of previous performances, reviews or scripts are a bonus) really helps us get a feel for the show.

Will I definitely get the exact venue and time slot I want?
With over a thousand applications and 250 plus slots to fill, programming can be a real juggling act and it really helps if you can be flexible with your preferred venue and time slot. Also, with over 30 Fringes under our belts, we may have a clearer idea of what venue and time would be best suited to your show – if we think we have a slot that would work well for you we’ll get in touch and discuss that with you.

What if another venue offers me a slot?
That’s completely fine, we understand that most shows apply to several venues. If this is the case email with an update and we will try and give you a status update on your application. Keep in mind that as we’re working our way through 100’s of applications, we may not be able to give you an update or offer in the time frame required by the other venue.

Will I have time for a tech rehearsal before the show opens?
Each show is offered at least a 3 hour tech rehearsal slot. These take place from 3 days before the first preview – please bear in mind that every other show in your venue will also need a rehearsal and your venue technician will also need to sleep at some point so do try to be available for a tech rehearsal from the 1st of August if possible. Also, if your show is starting mid-way through the run, we’ll try our best to accommodate tech rehearsals but this will need to take place around other shows in the venue.

How long of a turnaround time will I have between my show and the next?
This varies depending on venues. The standard in most venues except the Debating Hall, the Auditorium and Big Yin is 15 minutes shared get in/get out time with the shows around you (in the others it’s 30 minutes).

Do I decide how much I want my tickets to cost?
We’d suggest having a look at similar shows from the Fringe before to give you a rough idea. Once we’ve offered you a slot we’ll suggest ticket prices which we can then discuss with you.

I have a company that wants to sponsor my show, is that OK?
Sponsorship is a great way to pay for things like additional marketing or cover some of your costs, however we will need to approve any sponsorship of shows before it’s agreed upon.

Some of the actors and crew in my company are not UK or EU citizens, can they come and perform at Fringe?
The Fringe is a permit free festival, meaning people performing in or working on a show are not required to have a work permit. You should check if you’ll need any visitor visas to enter the UK, and you’ll also need to get a Welcome Letter from Gilded Balloon once your show has been programmed. More information is available on the Edinburgh Fringe Society website.


 If you’ve made it through all that, then well done! All there’s left for you to do is to fill out a performer application form on our website (opening mid Nov), and start planning for Fringe 2021…