Class Clowns Contestant Blogs: Adam Weir

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Adam Weir

Before the show I was very nervous but I think we all were as there were loads of people in the audience.

Just before we started I was told that I would be the first person on. I was excited and was very eager to get on and when my name was called I almost ran to the stage to do my bit.

I took the microphone and walked up and down the stage telling my stories and the best bit was hearing the people laugh which made me feel good inside and I loved the sound of the applause.

After I came off stage I watched the other comedians. I thought they were very funny and it was good to see them do so well as they were all very nice people.

It was good to see Joe win as he deserved it.  I met Jo Brand and Kevin Day who gave me advice and were very kind.

I just loved everything about the contest and everyone was so nice to me. I really want to keep writing and doing my comedy on stage.

Thanks to everyone for giving me such a great opportunity!