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5-Stars Adam and Eve: The Musical *season ended*
Three Weeks (print) | Edinburgh Evening News (print)
Aisling Bea: C’Est La Bea
The Herald (print) | The Independent (Print) | One4Review (web)
A Simple Space – Gravity & Other Myths
The New Current (web) | Broadway Baby (web) | So So Gay (web) | EdFest (web) | Edinburgh Guide (web) | Three Weeks (web)
Barry Castagnola: The Donny Donkins ‘As (hopefully soon to be) Seen On TV’ Show *season ended* – One4Review (web)
Bath Time
The Quotidian Times (web) | The New Current (web)
Beardyman *season ended* – Festival Journal (web)
Bec & Tom’s Awesome Laundry *season ended*
fest Magazine (web) | Funny Women (web)
Croft & Pearce *season ended* – Broadway Baby (web)
Daniel Cainer: Schtick and Spiel – Three Weeks (web)
Diane Spencer: Hurricane Diane *season ended*
Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (web) | Three Weeks (print) | Broadway Baby (web) | The Daily Express (print)
Don’t Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong with Jaye Grittiths *season ended* – Three Weeks ( web)
Doug Segal: I Can Make You a Mentalist
The New Current (web) | Festival Journal(web)
Dressing Down – Broadway Baby (web) | Three Weeks (web)
Eric and Little Ern
Broadway Baby (web) | Informed Edinburgh (web) | The Herald (print)
Gamarjobat: Rock Out! – Three Weeks (web)
Get Involved Charabang! – Informed Edinburgh (web)
Gordon Southern: The Kerfuffle – Broadway Baby (web)
How to Make a Killing in Bollywood – A Local’s Guide to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (web) Hedluv + Passman
Edinburgh Spotlight (web) | Three Weeks (web)
Hush – fest Magazine (web)
Inside – Broadway Baby (web)
Janey Godley Is Ungagged – One4Review (web)
Jenny Eclair: Eclairious *season ended* – Edinburgh Evening News (print)
Joe Bor is Jasper Cromwell Jones – Mumble Comedy (web)
Julie Madly Deeply – Three Weeks (print)
Juliette Burton: When I Grow Up – The New Current (web)
Kelfi and Fikel – Three Weeks (web)
Kiss me Honey, Honey! – Broadway Baby (web)
Knightmare Live! *season ended* – The Skinny (web)
Morgan and West: A Grand Adventure – The Edinburgh Fringe Show (web)
Paul Zerdin: No Strings – Broadway Baby (web)
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – York Mix (web)
Sean Hughes: Penguins – The Herald (print)
The Appalling Carly Smallman – Fresh Air (web)
The Showstoppers’ Family Hour *season ended* – The Edinburgh Fringe Show (web)
The Showstoppers’ Improvised Musical – Scotsgay (web)
Tig Notaro: Boyish-Girl Interrupted – Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (web)
Tongue Fu – Informed Edinburgh (web)

Adam and Eve: The Musical *season ended*
Fresh Air (web) | The Stage (web)
Aisling Bea: C’est La Bea
Metro (print) | The Guardian (web) | fest Magazine (print) | Broadway Baby (web) | The Edinburgh Reporter (web) | The List (web) | Sunday Times (Print) | The Independent (print) | Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (web) | The Evening Standard (web)
A Simple Space – Gravity & Other Myths
TV Bomb (web) | fest Magazine Online (web) | The List (web)
Alistair McGowan: Damn Labels
The Edinburgh Reporter (web) | Broadway Baby (web)
Barry Castagnola: The Donny Donkins ‘As (hopefully soon to be) Seen On TV’ Show *season ended*
The New Current (web) | Mumble Comedy (web)
Bath Time
Herald Scotland (web) | The Scotsman (print)
Beardyman: One Album Per Hour – Broadway Baby (web) | Informed Edinburgh (web) | (web)
Bec Hill: Bec By Popular Demand *season ended* – Three Weeks (web)
Benny Davis – The Human Jukebox
Edinburgh Reviews (web) | Informed Edinburgh (web) | Broadway Baby (web) | Edinburgh Spotlight (web)
Björn Gustafsson *season ended* – The List (web)
Brothers and Sisters…It’s The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III – The Skinny (web)
Carey Marx – Intensively Carey
The List (web) | One4Review (web) | The Arts Desk (web) | (web) | fest Magazine (print) | London is Funny (web)
Caroline Rhea
Informed Edinburgh (web) | Three Weeks (web) | Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (web) | The Podcast Corner (web)
Choose Your Own Documentary by Nathan Penlington
Informed Edinburgh (web) | Broadway Baby (web) | The Scotsman (Print)
Chris Fitchew in Jack of All Trades – One4Review (web) | Scots Gay (web)
Croft & Pearce
Three Weeks (web) | The Edinburgh Reporter (web) | One4Review (web) | Broadway Baby (web) | The Edinburgh Evening News (web)
Damian Clark In G’Damo – The Scotsman (Print) | Three Weeks (web)
Diane Spencer: Hurricane Diane *season ended*
One4Review (web) | Broadway Baby (web)
Dayne Rathbone – It’s Me Dayne – Broadway Baby (web)
Don’t Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong with Jaye Griffiths *season ended*
Broadway Baby (web) | The Scotsman (print) | Theatre Guide London (web)
Doug Segal: I Can Make You a Mentalist – The Sunday Mail (print)
Dressing Down – The List (print)
Eric and Little Ern (web) | The Telegraph (web) | Scotsgay (web) | The List (web) | The Quotidian Times (web)
Broadway Baby (web) | The Times (Print) | The List (web)
Gordon Southern: The Kerfuffle
Festival Journal (web) | One4Review (web) | Three Weeks (web)
Gravity Boots – Three Weeks (web)
Greg Proops *season ended*
The List (web) | British Theatre Guide (web) | Broadway Baby(web)
Greg Proops: The Smartest Man in the Word *season ended* – Broadway Baby (web)
How to Make a Killing in Bollywood – Broadway Baby (web) | Edinburgh Spotlight (web)
Broadway Baby (web) | Edinburgh Spotlight (web)
Inside – The Scotsman (print)
Janey Godley is Ungagged – Broadway Baby (web)
Jenny Eclair – Eclairious *season ended* 
Three Weeks (web) | One4Review (web) | The List (print) | Broadway Baby (web)
Joe Bor is Jasper Cromwell-Jones – Broadway Baby (web)
Julie Madly Deeply – Broadway Baby (web)
Kai Humphries: Shameless – (web) |
Broadway Baby (web) | One4Review (web)
Kelfi and Fikel – Fresh Air (web)
Kiss Me Honey, Honey! – The Scotsman (print) | Edinburgh Guide (web)
Knightmare Live! *season ended*
The Scotsman (web) | One4Review (web) |  Informed Edinburgh (web) | The Independent (web) | Broadway Baby (web) | Three Weeks (web)
Laura Levites: Selfhelpless
The Scotsman (print) | One4Review (web)
Lloyd Llangford
Broadway Baby (web) | The Edinburgh Reporter (web)
Luisa Omielan: What Would Beyonce Do? *season ended* – The List (web)
Lysistrata *season ended*
The New Current (web) | Edinburgh Spotlight (web) | One4Review (web)
Mark Dolan – You’re Awesome! 
Metro (print) | Broadway Baby (web) | One4Review (web)
Michael J Dolan: Nothing will ever be alright again *season ended* 
One4Review (web) | The Sunday Times (Print) | The Skinny (web) | Edinburgh Festivals (web) | (web)
Mick Ferry: Has Been Found Wanting *season ended* – Broadway Baby (web)
Milo McCabe Schiz *season ended* 
Broadway Baby (web) | ScotsGay (web) | The List (web)
Murder, Marple and Me *season ended* – Edinburgh Spotlight (web)
Patrick Monahan: Cake Charmer – One4Review (web)
Paul Zerdin – No Strings 
Edinburgh Reviews (web) | Festival Journal (web) | The Curtain Up Show (web)
Rhys Nicholson: Dawn of a New Error – Fringe Guru (web) | Fresh Air (web) | Three Weeks (web)
The Mail on Sunday (print) | The Scotsman (print) | The Independent (web) | The Herald (print) | Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (web)
Sam Lloyd: Fully Committed *season ended* – Broadway Baby (web) | (web) | Three Weeks (web)
Sean Hughes – Penguins 
Broadway Baby (web) | (web)
Sotho Sounds: Junk Funk 
Three Weeks (web) | The Herald (print) | fest Magazine (web)
Sugar and Vice: All The Men We’ve Never Slept With – Three Weeks (Print)
The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs Revisited 
Theatre Extra (web) | All Edinburgh Theatre (web)
The Appalling Carly Smallman – The Scottish Sunday Express (print)
The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith – Broadway Baby (web)
The Inventor and The Escort 
Edinburgh Spotlight (web) | Broadway Baby (web) | The Quotidian Times (web)
The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – In Space – Edinburgh Spotlight (web)
The Showstoppers’ Improvised Musical 
Broadway Baby (web) | The List (web) | Broadway Baby (web) | Three Weeks (web)
The Surrender 
The List (web) | What’s On Stage (web)
Thünderbards -The List (web)
Tig Notaro
The Times (print) | The Independent (print) | The Edinburgh Reporter (web) | Mumble Comedy (web) | The Arts Desk (web) | The Telegraph (web)
Tongue Fu – The Scotsman (print)
Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra – The Scotsman (Print)
Wind in the Willows *season ended*– Broadway Baby (web)
Will Seaward: Socialist Fairytales! – Broadway Baby (web)