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Bezoomny Theatre
Bound by blood and ambition, character comedians and real-life sisters Maddy and Marina Bye set sail on their maiden voyage. Following Marina's graduation from Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Maddy's graduation from the Parisian theatre and clown school École Philippe Gaulier, their hotly anticipated debut show is a cacophony of sketch, clowning, intensely serious drama school trained acting and a whole lot of synchronised dance. Hop aboard for a raucous journey into the absurdity of the all too familiar world. Suitable for anyone who has or has seen a sister.
'Watch out for these gals' - Jennifer Saunders
'If you go to see these hilarious sisters you are inadvertently endangering their young lives because , frankly, we don't need another funny double act do we?!?! No we don't. Laugh and I will end them….'  - Dawn French
'Sisters are doing it for themselves, and by it I mean being REALLY FUNNY. I love these girls' - Miranda Hart